Saturday, February 26, 2011

Xerxes Rift Strategy Guide Review

Xerxes Rift Mastery Guide Website
Even though only recently published, Xerxes guide has been getting a lot of attention from tons of Rift players lately. Many players have quickly realized that Xerxes guide is right now the most complete and up to date strategy and leveling guide for Rift: Planes of Telara, and it's frequently recommended to both new and seasoned players when they ask question in the chat channels.

Xerxes guide is definitely the number one leveling guide for Rift. Unlike some other guides this one has both factions covered, and to great detail. Xerxes includes plenty of additional maps and screenshots that help guide you through the leveling areas. If you follow his optimized leveling paths you will level up insanely fast guaranteed.

The thing that makes Xerxes guide stand out from the rest of these leveling guides is the fact it has so many extra bonuses telling you about various aspects of the game. For example his dungeon guides are invaluable as they will help you not look like a complete noob when you group up for your first instance. Knowing these strategies is important, and so is knowing how to make platinum, and Xerxes talks about that extensively as well. Whether you're into crafting, gathering or reselling rare items you'll surely find some platinum making strategies that work for you.

In addition to all the above Xerxes also tells you everything you need to know about professions in Rift, such as which ones are easiest to level up, which ones will benefit your calling/souls the most and which ones are best for making platinum. There's also equipment guides, zone maps, PvP strategies, Warfront guides and a lot more that will no doubt be useful for everyone.

Compared to other guides, Xerxes is cheaper, more complete and has the best leveling guides you can find. Also it has a lot of additional bonus guides. All that makes for one impressive and extremely useful Rift leveling & strategy guide.

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