Friday, March 11, 2011

Rift Leveling Zones

Here's a list of zones for leveling in Rift: Planes of Telara, along with their level ranges.

Rift Level 1-35

  • Freemarch / Silverwood
  • Stonefield / Gloamwood
  • Scarlet Gorge
  • Scarwood Reach
For about the first 35 levels all the quests you'll receive will lead you to the next appropriate leveling zone. After that though you have several options and it's up to you to pick which zone you want to level up in.

Rift Level 35-40

  • Droughtlands
  • Moonshade Highlands
Moonshade is a zone where each faction has its own questing path and hubs but in Droughtlands both factions share questing paths and hubs. Even when you do all the quests in the starter zones, you may find yourself a little underleveled for these two zones and think you’re in the wrong place for leveling in this range, but once you get started on the quests, you shouldn’t have an issue.

If you only do one of the two zones, you won’t level high enough for the next range of zones. The best leveling path in rift at this range is:
  1. do Droughtlands quests until you get to Lantern Hook
  2. leave Droughtlands and do all the quests in Moonshade
  3. go back to Lantern Hook and finish all the quests in the Droughtlands

Rift Level 40-50

  • Iron Pine Peaks
  • Shimmersand
  • Stillmoor
Neither Iron Peak nor Stillmoor will level you all the way to 50, and once you outlevel one, you’ll outlevel the other. Shimmersand will allow you to level from 40-50, but the first quests might be challenging in the lower 40s. For this reason, this is where to level 40-50:
  1. pick Iron Peak or Stillmoor and quest there until about level 42 or 43
  2. move to Shimmersand and do all the quests in the zone until level 50
And that’s it. In Rift, where to level is easy to decide because there are so few zones. However, even within the zones, there are quests that take a long time and you might want to skip them, or you may find yourself wasting time running back and forth between quest objectives and quest hubs, killing the same group of monsters over and over again.

Be sure to also check out post with tips from a level 50 player: it's very useful and I'm sure you'll agree. Also, check out Xerxes guide if you need detailed guides on every zone and quest.

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